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Comedian Moves To Savannah, Goes Barefoot


Comedian Collin Moulton talks about his Barefoot Comedy Club on Tybee Island, his new East Coast comedy beachhead, having recently moved here from Los Angeles. He also talks about the comedians the he admires, why he loves Brazilian jiu-jitsu and his four podcasts.

Lighthouse Enthusiast Can’t Stop Climbing


Lighthouse enthusiast Bill Fulton talks about his hobby. He calls it lighthouse inspection. More like lighthouse tourism, his passion for coastal beacons has taken him from the Great Lakes to Florida. He has climbed between more than 200 lighthouses.

What If We Promoted King’s Legacy Every Day?


Tybee Island activist Julia Pearce talks about her life-changing moments and latest causes. An inspiration, she shares advice on how to live and better the world. Pearce founded Tybee MLK, a year-round island legacy to non-violence and understanding.

The Really Good Songs Are Given To You


Tybee Island singer-songwriter Thomas Oliver talks about the mystery of the creative process. The retired Atlanta newspaper editor now lives at the beach, where he books the Savannah Singer Songwriter Series. He talks about taking notes, traveling and daily discipline in the context of his prolific output.