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I Really Wanna Lose 3 Pounds


Visual artist Michael Mahaffey talks about his stencil and spray paint creations. Often referencing strong women from television and movies, they take a dark, humorous and subversive hit at modern life. His work has strong overtones of LGBT culture.

Master Calendar Maker Is Thankful To Be Alive

Scott West of Savannah Master Calendar talks about his distinctive hats, his cute dogs, his powerful marketing business and his outspoken activism. One of Savannah’s most visible gay businessmen, he recently took to social media to decry the city’s crime wave. He talks about his family, living with HIV and Savannah’s LGBT community.

Gay Marriage, Faith and History In Georgia’s First City


This special podcast features inspiring voices from Savannah’s LGBT community. The speakers have pushed tirelessly for a more gay-positive community. They celebrated the historic US Supreme Court decision. They married. They founded a gay-affirming church. And they founded Georgia’s oldest LGBT community service organization.