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Educator Challenges Districts To Promote Equity


Savannah education researcher and practitioner Alethea Raynor talks about school reform. An advocate with the Anneburg Institute for School Reform, she talks about discipline disparities, community partnerships and two initiatives she co-founded in Savannah, the Risers Academy and the African-American Male Achievement group.

Book Explores Campus, Savannah History


Erik Brooks, author of “Tigers in the Tempest: Savannah State University and the Struggle for Civil Rights,” talks about the school’s 225 year history. He connects campus activities with larger events in the equality movement. And he isn’t afraid to delve into internal struggles on campus.

Etiquette Goes From Charm To Social Intelligence


New School of Etiquette founder Tatia Adams Fox talks about her journey from Savannah “charm school” to the heights of music marketing in New York City. Along the way, she learned a thing or two about “social intelligence.” Now she’s teaching and motivating students in Savannah.

Georgia’s Top Teacher Builds Positive Relationships


The Georgia Teacher of the Year for 2016, Ernie Lee, talks about getting the most out of students by building positive relationships with them. A former lawyer and actor, he talks about the skills needed for classroom instruction and how he became a teacher. Lee teaches history and civics at Windsor Forest High School.

Author Challenges Conventional Views Of Education


Massachusetts high school English teacher David McCullough, Jr. shares his advice for young adults. He talks about his meteoric rise to success. And he dismisses the importance of success or failure in adolescent development. This podcast touches on topics such as serendipity, wisdom and the American education system.

Chinese Education Comes To Savannah State


Emmanuel Naniuzeyi of Savannah State University’s Center for International Education talks about the Confucius Institute. He talks about its potential for promoting trade, cultural exchange and understanding with China. He also addresses concerns about academic freedom.