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Health Forces Chatham Farmer To Retire


Farmer Willie Johnson talks about his 50-years at Promised Land Farms in Port Wentworth. Although he cites riding tractors and watching things grow as the best parts of his business, he’s clearly motivated more by his love for people and people’s love for him. Now his farming career is coming to an end.

Manufacturer Strives To Change An Industry


Laura Lee Bocade of DIRTT Environmental Services talks about the innovative Savannah manufacturer. They employ about 100 area residents in an unusual workplace. They make building interiors. And they are trying to change the construction industry.

Master Calendar Maker Is Thankful To Be Alive

Scott West of Savannah Master Calendar talks about his distinctive hats, his cute dogs, his powerful marketing business and his outspoken activism. One of Savannah’s most visible gay businessmen, he recently took to social media to decry the city’s crime wave. He talks about his family, living with HIV and Savannah’s LGBT community.

Everything Is Recyclable


Ramsey Khalidi of Southern Pine Co. talks about his “urban recycling” business. He’s the “everything is recyclable” and “build a community” historic preservationist in Savannah. He talks about the evolution of his business, his professional background, his many collaborations and the small business incubator that Southern Pine Co. has become.

Does Your Yard Have A 911 Tree?


Karen Jenkins of the Savannah Tree Foundation and Shem Kendrick of Coastal Arbor Care talk about tree maintenance from a homeowner’s perspective. They discuss the problems and solutions in neighborhoods where emergency trees threaten property and lives.

Rum Is An Island Drink


Rum distiller Tony Chase talks about Daufuskie Island Rum Co. It’s the Savannah area’s first distillery in recent memory. Chase discusses the art and science of turning sugar into a potent potable.

Etiquette Goes From Charm To Social Intelligence


New School of Etiquette founder Tatia Adams Fox talks about her journey from Savannah “charm school” to the heights of music marketing in New York City. Along the way, she learned a thing or two about “social intelligence.” Now she’s teaching and motivating students in Savannah.

Tech Startup Rocks Out Cameras


Ian Nott of Aetho talks about his company’s motion-stabilizing camera product. The design was a napkin sketch a little more than a year ago. It started with a high-flying camera business. He discusses his inspirations, methods and Savannah’s startup culture.

Confidence Clicked For Bag Designer


Jamie Bowerman talks about his modular bag system designed for people with active lifestyles. It relies on a patented clasp to enhance flexibility. Bowerman is a classic inventor. He discusses inspiration, failure, confidence and teambuilding.

A Story In Every Bite


Chocolatier Adam Turoni talks about his sweet creations. He opened Chocolat by Adam Turoni when he was 22-years-old. He talks about the humor, guts and terror that went into his early success. He also discusses his mentors and inspirations.