Podcasts from October 2016

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Change For The Better, No In Between


Singer and motivational speaker Kim Michael Polote talks about her new inspirational album, “Change.” She talks about her career, her friendship with Paula Deen and some of the personal stories behind her music. This podcast include clips from her gospel-tinged album.

Gripping Historical Fiction Tackles Southern Jewry


Savannah writer Jonathan Rabb talks about Southern Jews, the Holocaust, Jim Crow, otherness, acceptance and other big themes in his new book “Among the Living.” Set in 19-47 Savannah, it’s a gripping story about a concentration camp survivor as he discovers his path through sweeping changes in his own life and in the world around him.

A Place Is Not A Place Until It Has A Poet


Writer and environmental activist Janisse Ray talks about the Georgia coast as experienced through the brilliant language of our great authors. She explains how writers shape our sense of place and how lost vocabulary makes us speechless before nature.