Podcasts from March 2016

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Everything You Write Is Something You Know


Savannah writer Bess Chappas talks about her book, The Wrath of Aphrodite. An old-fashioned romance novel, it features the colorful bar owner Pinke Masters and draws on Greek-American stereotypes. She also talks about her mother and other influences.

Versatile Musician Defies Labels


Guitar-toting, rap-spitting musician Basik Lee, a.k.a. Steve Baumgartner, talks about his musical influences. His style runs the gamut from hip-hop and soul to rock and blues. He doesn’t like being put in musical boxes. A former member of Dope Sandwich, he talks about the struggle for urban music to gain legitimacy.

Radio Voice Gets You To Work Smoothly


Radio news producer Claire Beverly talks about her roles as traffic reporter and morning show personality. She answers some commonly asked questions of radio hosts. She is a familiar voice to listeners of six stations owned by Alpha Media in the Savannah and Hilton Head Island radio market.

Georgia Coast Has Inspired Dreamers Throughout History


Environmental historian Mart Stewart of Western Washington University talks about islands, edges and the globe and how they relate to Georgia’s history. He says this place always has inspired dreamers. This was the keynote address at the “Coastal Nature, Coastal Culture” symposium presented by the Ossabaw Island Foundation.