Podcasts from December 2015

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Turning Page, Writer Finds Magic In Savannah


Savannah writer Beverly Willett talks about the inspirations behind her work, including her nationally-published articles about parenting and marriage. Her daughters and Buddhist meditation retreats inform her work. She also co-chairs the Coalition for Divorce Reform and talks about the constitutionality of no fault divorce.

Fallen Tree Reveals Guale Burial Ground


Archaeologist David Hurst Thomas of the American Museum of Natural History talks about Fallen Tree, a burial ground site of the extinct Guale people on St. Catherine’s Island. He also talks about his archaeological principles and career accomplishments.

How Xulu Found His Voice


Xulu Jones of the band Xuluprophet talks about his eclectic style, his distinctive voice and his rise from homelessness and addiction. He describes his musical influences and performs four songs. He shares some of his views on food security and religion.

Master Calendar Maker Is Thankful To Be Alive

Scott West of Savannah Master Calendar talks about his distinctive hats, his cute dogs, his powerful marketing business and his outspoken activism. One of Savannah’s most visible gay businessmen, he recently took to social media to decry the city’s crime wave. He talks about his family, living with HIV and Savannah’s LGBT community.