Podcasts from November 2015

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Everything Is Recyclable


Ramsey Khalidi of Southern Pine Co. talks about his “urban recycling” business. He’s the “everything is recyclable” and “build a community” historic preservationist in Savannah. He talks about the evolution of his business, his professional background, his many collaborations and the small business incubator that Southern Pine Co. has become.

Educator Challenges Districts To Promote Equity


Savannah education researcher and practitioner Alethea Raynor talks about school reform. An advocate with the Anneburg Institute for School Reform, she talks about discipline disparities, community partnerships and two initiatives she co-founded in Savannah, the Risers Academy and the African-American Male Achievement group.

Concert Harpist Enjoys Challenge


Harpist Kristin King talks about her instrument, the challenges of playing the concert harp, her original compositions and her collaborations. She demonstrates the harp’s flexibility with four songs, classical, jazz, New Age and rock. She also talks about the music booking agency that she co-owns with Ricardo Ochoa, New Arts Ensembles.

Writer’s Homes Tell Personal, Shared Histories


Author and playwright Miriam Center presents a tour of the addresses that she’s called home in Savannah. Daughter of Russian Jewish immigrants, women’s spiritual guide, former real estate agent, former politician and divorcee of a longtime Savannah alderman, her homes reveal a lot more than how the neighborhoods have changed.