Podcasts from July 2015

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The Shortest Distance Between Two People Is A Story


Savannah nurse and educator Dottie Kluttz, founder of the Story Keeping program at Hospice Savannah, talks about the importance of storytelling. She believes real live person-to-person storytelling is in danger. And she offers practical advice on how to use it in our own busy everyday lives.

Inspired By Trash, Artist Explores Mental Landfills


Savannah painter Isaac McCaslin talks about his large, oil-based “landfills of the mind.” These monumental works have earned him a reputation as one of the area’s most gifted painters. Inspired by junk yards and Renaissance masterpieces, his art deals with death, decay, value and rebirth.

Gay Marriage, Faith and History In Georgia’s First City


This special podcast features inspiring voices from Savannah’s LGBT community. The speakers have pushed tirelessly for a more gay-positive community. They celebrated the historic US Supreme Court decision. They married. They founded a gay-affirming church. And they founded Georgia’s oldest LGBT community service organization.