Podcasts from May 2015

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Tech Startup Rocks Out Cameras


Ian Nott of Aetho talks about his company’s motion-stabilizing camera product. The design was a napkin sketch a little more than a year ago. It started with a high-flying camera business. He discusses his inspirations, methods and Savannah’s startup culture.

Confidence Clicked For Bag Designer


Jamie Bowerman talks about his modular bag system designed for people with active lifestyles. It relies on a patented clasp to enhance flexibility. Bowerman is a classic inventor. He discusses inspiration, failure, confidence and teambuilding.

A Story In Every Bite


Chocolatier Adam Turoni talks about his sweet creations. He opened Chocolat by Adam Turoni when he was 22-years-old. He talks about the humor, guts and terror that went into his early success. He also discusses his mentors and inspirations.

Turkish Strongman Frustrates Allies


Yale Ferguson, a graduate fellow and emeritus professor of global affairs at Rutgers University in Newark, talks about the souring relationship between Turkey and its Western allies. A combination of autocratic moves, human rights abuses and inflamed rhetoric makes Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan a frustrating figure in Washington and Brussels.

Photographer Documents His South


Photographer Jon Waits is best known around Savannah for his evocative concert photos. He talks about capturing special moments in performance. But his photographic passions also include wildlife and the rural South. He explains how sobriety led him to take pictures seriously.