Podcasts from November 2014

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Good Soil Starts In The Kitchen


Andy Schwartz of Grow Eat Repeat talks about composting. He started a new business aimed at taking kitchen scraps and turning them into a rich soil amendment for gardens across the city. He talks about common mistakes for the novice composter.

The Train Wrecks Roll On With New Album


Jason Bible of the Savannah band The Train Wrecks talks about the songwriting process behind five songs on the band’s new album We Roll On. He says the band’s third release brings new sounds. And he says the production is slightly different, too.

When Diplomacy Doesn’t Always Work


Michael Rubin of the American Enterprise Institute talks about the dangers of over-reliance on diplomacy. A scholar and former Pentagon official, he details the failures of diplomacy as they apply to rogue regimes, such as North Korea, Iran and the Taliban. He argues for a balanced approach including military and economic levers.

Chinese Education Comes To Savannah State


Emmanuel Naniuzeyi of Savannah State University’s Center for International Education talks about the Confucius Institute. He talks about its potential for promoting trade, cultural exchange and understanding with China. He also addresses concerns about academic freedom.

Why Is This Writer Not More Known Here?


Bertha Husband and Mari Jo Marchnight talk about novelist and Pulitzer Prize winning poet Conrad Aiken. He spent his first and last 11 years in Savannah. He was fascinated by the human mind, perhaps because of his childhood experience. But he’s not widely celebrated.