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Impressionism Exhibit Shines New Light On Telfair Favorites


Courtney McNeil, Curator of Fine Arts and Exhibitions at Telfair Musems, talks about the exhibit “Monet and American Impressionism.” The exhibit presents four works by Claude Monet, six Impressionist works from the museums’ permanent collection and scores of traveling pieces that all highlight the art of Impressionists in the United States.

Bet You Didn’t Know


Curator of fine arts and exhibitions for Telfair Museums, Courtney McNeil, talks about works by African-American artists in the museums’ permanent collection. You’ll hear about some heavyweights in the art world like Augusta Savage, Romaire Bearden, Sam Gilliam and Whitfield Lovell. She also talks about where the collection will grow from here.

Music Inspired Art During Harlem Renaissance


Artist and curator Dr. Margaret Rose Vendryes talks about the powerful mix of art and music in African-American history. Her main subject is the Harlem Renaissance. This talk is presented as an introduction to “The Visual Blues,” an art exhibit on display at the Jepson Center through May 3rd.

Exhibit Covers The Waterfront


Harry DeLorme of Telfair Museums talks about a new exhibit at the Jepson Center, “Port City.” It focuses on art inspired by Savannah’s historic waterfront. The talk includes a breadth of history, a wide variety of art and fascinating individual stories.

Unearthing Hidden Landscapes Of Slavery


Landscape architect and educator Kwesi DeGraft-Hanson talks about the 1858 sale of 429 slaves from the Pierce Butler plantation in Georgia. He uses historical records and public documents to unearth the hidden landscape of the sale. He shares remarkable stories about present day connections to it.