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Change For The Better, No In Between


Singer and motivational speaker Kim Michael Polote talks about her new inspirational album, “Change.” She talks about her career, her friendship with Paula Deen and some of the personal stories behind her music. This podcast include clips from her gospel-tinged album.

Mosque Leader Sees Possibilities, Incrementally


Imam Maajid Faheem Ali, the spiritual leader of Masjid Jihad, Savannah’s oldest mosque, talks about Islam and the ignorance surrounding it. He speaks eloquently about the possibility of greater understanding through education, however incremental.

Gay Marriage, Faith and History In Georgia’s First City


This special podcast features inspiring voices from Savannah’s LGBT community. The speakers have pushed tirelessly for a more gay-positive community. They celebrated the historic US Supreme Court decision. They married. They founded a gay-affirming church. And they founded Georgia’s oldest LGBT community service organization.