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Fighting Drugs By Letting Kids Be Kids


Licensed professional counselor Teneka Gerido competes with the violent streets of Savannah. The street offers young people drugs, money and fast living. “Miss G” offers them field trips, free meals, mental counseling and a refuge from fast dying. It’s not a choice that a lot of young people get. In my cul-de-sac, Atari childhood in Florida, […]

Public Defender Recognized For Community Service


Chatham County Assistant Public Defender Christopher Middleton talks about his job, his community service and the game of chess. Recently recognized by the State Bar for his volunteerism, he sees his personal and public work as flowing from the same well. He also talks about his mentors.

The Dark Side of Globalization


Dr. Robert J. Bunker talks about epochal changes taking place in warfare. He says gangs, terrorist groups and other non-state actors pose a challenge to modern nation states. He takes a broad historical approach to many subjects, but mostly, the blurred lines between armed conflict and law enforcement.