Podcasts from December 2016

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Climate Conference Spotlights Georgia Science, Activism


Excerpts from interviews and presentations recorded at the “Prepare, Respond and Adapt – Is Georgia Climate Ready” conference on Jekyll Island. Subjects include tropical storms, droughts, fisheries, vulnerability assessments, living shorelines, energy, climate change skepticism and what we can do to fight global warming.

Children’s Hospital Growing, Set Back This Year


Memorial University Medical Center’s VP for the Willett Children’s Hospital of Savannah, Bill Lee, talks about growth and setbacks at his facility. The hospital has greatly expanded pediatric care in our community. But the effort to create a standalone children’s hospital took a $15 million hit when the Memorial-Novant deal collapsed.

Finding Healing Between The Pages


Retired drug enforcement agent Gordon Rayner and his wife Ella Mae Rayner talk about coming to terms with PTSD and depression. Battling bad dreams and foul moods, Gordon started writing memoirs and fictions at Senior Citizens, Inc. The experience, shared with Ella Mae, turned into two books and a more positive outlook on life.