Podcasts from January 2015

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Estranged Democracies Rediscover Each Other


Writer and American Enterprise Institute fellow Sadanand Dhume says relations between the United States and India have blossomed over the past two decade. And the friendship only promises to grow. He goes into historic and more contemporary reasons for this shift. He also discusses India’s internal politics.

Choreographer Shares Lessons In Creativity


Choreographer Gabrielle Lamb talks about her creative process, her inspirations and her journey from young dancer in Savannah to acclaimed composer of movement, now based in New York. Her insights into what it takes to succeed are relevant to any creative profession.

Jane Fishman Captures Island Matriarch’s Stories


Savannah writer Jane Fishman talks about Ossabaw Island matriarch Eleanor “Sandy” Torrey West. Fishman wrote a book about West, “The Woman Who Saved an Island.” West’s generosity kept a 40-square-mile barrier island on Georgia’s coast from being developed.