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Change For The Better, No In Between

Singer and motivational speaker Kim Michael Polote talks about her new inspirational album, “Change.” She talks about her career, her friendship with Paula Deen and some of the personal stories behind her music. This podcast include clips from her gospel-tinged album.


Gripping Historical Fiction Tackles Southern Jewry

Savannah writer Jonathan Rabb talks about Southern Jews, the Holocaust, Jim Crow, otherness, acceptance and other big themes in his new book “Among the Living.” Set in 19-47 Savannah, it’s a gripping story about a concentration camp survivor as he discovers his path through sweeping changes in his own life and in the world around him.


A Place Is Not A Place Until It Has A Poet

Writer and environmental activist Janisse Ray talks about the Georgia coast as experienced through the brilliant language of our great authors. She explains how writers shape our sense of place and how lost vocabulary makes us speechless before nature.


This Is Your Land, Explore It

Jason Lee of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and Christi Lambert of the Nature Conservancy talk about Altama Plantation Wildlife Management Area. Once a playground for the rich, this 4,000 acre waterfront tract is now a haven for wildlife. We explore its high and low areas, marveling at the plants, animals and natural silence.


Still Shocking, Sugar Blast Examined In Book

Writer Lanie Peterson talks about her late husband Larry Peterson’s book, “Deadly Dust: The Imperial Sugar Inferno.” The book examines what happened in Savannah’s worst industrial fire, a shocking example of corporate negligence. She also talks about Larry’s career in journalism.


Cancer Survivor Inspires With Music

Breast cancer survivor Jamie Herbster talks about her inspirational music. An motivational speaker and vocational rehabilitation specialist, she sings her songs at cancer treatment centers. She explains how cancer changed her life, made her a more adventurous person and someone less afraid of asking for help.

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