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I Am A Muslim And I Am Not A Terrorist

Syrian refugee and new Savannah resident Naji Abousaleh talks about his journey to safety and freedom. Lauren Cruickshank, our area’s refugee resettlement coordinator for Lutheran Services of Georgia, talks about her organization’s services and what people can do to help.

Savannah’s Love Is On The Rise

Singer Laiken Love talks about her emergence from choirs, karaoke bars and open mics to an in-demand vocalist. Whether it’s jazz, funk, blues, classical, pop, you name it, her style and talent are on show with Savannah’s best musicians. She talks about her own composition, “Promise.”

Yo-Yo Champion Preaches Individuality, Learning

Yo-yo throwing champion Coffin Nachtmahr talks about the values of being true to yourself and learning new skills. The subject of the documentary film “Throw,” part of MountainFilm on Tour, Nachtmahr turned his passion and hobby into a business.

Solid Nights Of Soccer In South Georgia

President Darin Van Tassell and coach John Miglarese of Tormenta FC talk about their Premier Development League team and the growth of soccer in South Georgia. The players come from all over the world. They’re hungry for a chance to move up the tiers of soccer. They’ll play USL Charleston Battery on May 10th.

The Refugee Story Is A Children’s Story

Author Gwen Strauss talks about her children’s book, “The Hiding Game,” an intense and colorful profile of Varian Fry, who successfully hid and saved Jews and anti-Nazi refugees during WWII. Strauss describes her creative process, the timeliness of a refugee’s story and her personal connections with figures in the book.

Be A Bread Crumb

Organ donor Harold Mintz talks about the “bread crumbs” that led him to an act of “extreme altruism.” He became one of the first people in the country to donate a kidney to a total stranger in 2000, when Gannett Belay came within days of dying. He was the subject of the documentary “1-800-GIVE-US-YOUR-KIDNEY,” featured at Mountain Film on Tour in Savannah.

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