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Finding Healing Between The Pages

Retired drug enforcement agent Gordon Rayner and his wife Ella Mae Rayner talk about coming to terms with PTSD and depression. Battling bad dreams and foul moods, Gordon started writing memoirs and fictions at Senior Citizens, Inc. The experience, shared with Ella Mae, turned into two books and a more positive outlook on life.


Poet Finds A Sense Of Belonging

Poet and photographer Danelle Lejeuene talks about how her life’s many different passions came together on Georgia’s coast. She explains how her Iowa background in farming and historic preservation has informed her work. She’s a literary mama with a bright future, expecting her first book, “Etymology of Whale-Fish and Grace,” next year.


Water Is For Fighting Over

University of Colorado law professor William Boyd talks about groundwater on Georgia’s coast. He examines this precious resource through natural, historic, legal and political lenses. He focuses his talk on the water-intensive pulp and paper industry on the Savannah River.


A Mile in My Shoes

Wilmington Island artist Lisa Rosenmeier talks about her work painting running shoes and pets. Known for her bright colors and heavy lines, the former Utah resident creates focused compositions, highlighting individuality. She talks about her move to Savannah and her artistic inspirations.


DJ Sets Positive Vibe

Longshoreman, football player, motorcycle enthusiast, community activist and freelance DJ Navaughn Kearse a.k.a. DJ Moony Dee talks about his desire to learn and do good. Kearce spins records at Savannah’s Star Castle, in Atlanta and New York and across the region. He stays positive, clean and old school on the records and in his life.


Change For The Better, No In Between

Singer and motivational speaker Kim Michael Polote talks about her new inspirational album, “Change.” She talks about her career, her friendship with Paula Deen and some of the personal stories behind her music. This podcast include clips from her gospel-tinged album.

Upcoming Podcasts

Bill Lee

December 6, 2016

Memorial University Medical Center Vice President Bill Lee talks about the Willett Children’s Hospital of Savannah. The region’s only children’s hospital, it broke ground in April on a new facility, its first stand-alone building.  Now the improvements are delayed by a $15 million funding gap.

Sarita Pittman

December 13, 2016

Retired cosmetologist and salon owner Sarita Pittman talks about her women’s empowerment enterprise, Stiletto Society.  She talks about overcoming depression and betrayal, managing growth and striking out on your own.

Isaac Smith

December 20, 2016

Singer-songwriter Isaac Smith talks about his transition from sacred to secular music.  A pastor’s son, he started writing his own music when he moved to Savannah two years ago.  His voice and style are very of the moment.

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