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Dog Catcher, Idea Hatcher

The new director of Chatham County Animal Services, Kerry Sirevicius, talks about demystifying her agency’s work, facilitating adoptions and her own professional background with pets. She wants to make her agency more transparent, more expansive and a happier place to visit.


Fighting Drugs By Letting Kids Be Kids

Licensed professional counselor Teneka Gerido competes with the violent streets of Savannah. The street offers young people drugs, money and fast living. “Miss G” offers them field trips, free meals, mental counseling and a refuge from fast dying. It’s not a choice that a lot of young people get. In my cul-de-sac, Atari childhood in Florida, […]


The Wood That Built America

Environmental historian Albert Way of Kennesaw State University talks about the history of Georgia’s longleaf pine forests. He argues that longleaf pine is a foundational material of American industry. He presented this talk at the “Coastal Nature, Coastal Culture” symposium organized by the Ossabaw Island Foundation.


Lighthouse Enthusiast Can’t Stop Climbing

Lighthouse enthusiast Bill Fulton talks about his hobby. He calls it lighthouse inspection. More like lighthouse tourism, his passion for coastal beacons has taken him from the Great Lakes to Florida. He has climbed between more than 200 lighthouses.


Naturalist Still Shares Unbound Enthusiasm

South Carolina Naturalist Rudy Mancke talks about his award-winning careers in nature, education and broadcasting. His Zen-like television program NatureScene and his snappy radio segments Nature Notes are like walking in the woods with a friend. His unbound enthusiasm for the natural world makes the world a more eco-friendly place.


The Ghosts of Dunbar Creek

University of Michigan history professor Tiya Miles talks about “ghost tourism” and “flying African” stories in the South. Both turn historical fragments into supernatural tales. This lecture was recorded at the Coastal Nature, Coastal Culture symposium organized by the Ossabaw Island Foundation.

Upcoming Podcasts

Collin Moulton

August 30, 2016

Comedian Collin Moulton travels a lot and decided last year to ditch the LA lifestyle for a Savannah life. He started a monthly standup show at the Tybee Post Theater.  He talks about comedy, Brazilian jiujitsu and his four — yes four — podcasts.

Kim Pelote

September 13, 2016

Singer Kim Pelote talks about her new album, Changes.  A collection of inspirational classics, it highlights the changes in her life and the changes that she’d like to see in society.  She talks about those things, plus talent competitions and recent travels.

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