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75 Years Ago, War Came To Georgia’s Coast

Historians Mimi Rogers and Michael Higgins talk about the submarine attacks that killed 22 mariners off the coast of Georgia on April 8th, 1942. Rogers, curator of the Coastal Georgia Historical Society, and Higgins, a retired merchant seamen, describe the torpedoing of the SS Oklahoma and Esso Baton Rouge near St. Simons Island.

Fragments Of Forgotten History Unearthed Near Golf Course

Archaeologist Laura Seifert of Armstrong State University talks about a Catholic school for newly freed slaves built shortly after the end of the Civil War on Skidaway Island. Seifert and her students are excavating the short-lived school site, which is slated to become a home near a golf course in a gated community.

MountainFilm Celebrates Runner’s Legacy

Los Angeles postal service worker and marathon runner Johnny Jameson talks about perseverance, legacy and “grinding that bad boy out.” A man of grace and humor, he was the subject of Vincent DeLuca’s film “Mile 19,” which chronicled his 31 annual marathons in L.A. The film was presented as part of Mountain Film on Tour Savannah.

Every Space Tells A Story

Interior designer Lisa Pinyan of LS3P talks about her profession, what she considers her favorite projects and trends in the industry. She has designed schools, libraries, corporate headquarters and other projects in a career with architecture firms.

Racing Little Cars, Club Marks 30 Years

Remote-controlled car racers talk about their hobby. Their club, the Savannah-Chatham Off-Road Racing Enthusiasts (SCORE), and its outdoor track, the Phil Hurd Raceway at Lake Mayer, are celebrating 30 years of racing little cars.

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