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Captivating Photos Paint Island In New Shades

Photographer Jill Stuckey talks about her colorful images of Ossabaw Island. Longtime island caretaker Roger Parker talks about his work as Georgia’s “saltwater cowboy.” The couple are featured in a new book, “Ossabaw Island: A Sense of Place,” published by Mercer University Press.

Isaac Smith Defines Himself

Singer-songwriter Isaac Smith talks about his transition from sacred to secular music. A pastor’s son, he started writing his own music when he moved to Savannah a few years ago. His voice and style are very “of the moment.”

You See The Marsh, But Also Men And Women

Chris Manganiello of the Georgia Rivers Network talks about the pioneers of Georgia environmentalism. Eugene Odum, Jane Yarn and many others led a popular movement to pressure lawmakers in the late 1960’s to pass the Coastal Marshlands Protection Act, the most important piece of environmental legislation in Georgia.

Climate Conference Spotlights Georgia Science, Activism

Excerpts from interviews and presentations recorded at the “Prepare, Respond and Adapt – Is Georgia Climate Ready” conference on Jekyll Island. Subjects include tropical storms, droughts, fisheries, vulnerability assessments, living shorelines, energy, climate change skepticism and what we can do to fight global warming.

Never Live Below Your Potential

Retired cosmetologist, former salon owner and Stiletto Society founder Sarita Pittman talks about overcoming challenges and succeeding in business. She outlines her life’s journey from discouraged hair stylist to wealth-building entrepreneur. Pittman empowers women to achieve their full potential.

Children’s Hospital Growing, Set Back This Year

Memorial University Medical Center’s VP for the Willett Children’s Hospital of Savannah, Bill Lee, talks about growth and setbacks at his facility. The hospital has greatly expanded pediatric care in our community. But the effort to create a standalone children’s hospital took a $15 million hit when the Memorial-Novant deal collapsed.

Upcoming Podcasts

Kesha Gibson Carter

January 24, 2017

Rape Crisis Center director Kesha Gibson Carter talks about what only can be called a terrible year for advocates like her.  From Stanford to Access Hollywood, the messages haven’t been good.  What can we do to counter the culture?

Remote Controlled Cars

January 31, 2017

At Lake Mayer Park sits one of the oldest continuously-used outdoor raceways for remote controlled cars.  Marking 30 years of zoom-zoom-crash, we visit the clay track and talk to those, young and old, who love racing little cars.

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